Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Restore MS Paint in Accessories

Follow the below steps to restore your Paint programme on your computer:

Exact location of Paint: "C:\ Windows\System32\mspaint.exe

Solution: Please follow the below steps to restore the Paint icon:

1) Right click on the Taskbar, (It is a bar at the bottom of your screen with Start button, Clock, etc) that has two tabs: Taskbar and Start Menu.
2) Click on Start Menu tab and you will be displayed with a Window that has two options a) Start Menu and b) Classic Start Menu
3) Select Classic Start Menu option,
4) Then click on the Customize button,
5) Under Start Menu frame, click on Add button,
6) You will be displayed with "Create Shortcut" Window,
7) There you can see a white box and "Browse" button,
8) Click on Browse button, then you will displayed with "Browse for Folder" Window,
9) Click on the "+"button of "My Computer",
10) Click on the "+"button of "Local Disk (C:)",
11) Click on the "+"button of "Windows",
12) Click on the "+"button of "System32",
13) Finally select "mspaint", Click on Ok button,
14) You will be taken back to "Create Shortcut" window, there you click on "Next" button,
15) You will be displayed with a new Window named "Select a Folder to place this shortcut in:",
16) There click on Accessories, (by doing this Paint will be located under Accessories)
17) You will be displayed with a new Window named "Select a Title for the Program", just click on Finish button,
18) Then again click on Ok button of the new Window,
19) Again click on Ok button on the new Window,

By following the above steps you will be able to restore Paint back on to your Accessories.

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