Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Smooth Scrolling in IE

Please follow the steps provided below to enable ‘Smooth Scrolling’ option:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer 6.0.
  2. Click on ‘Tools’ in the ‘Menu Bar’.
  3. Click on ‘Internet Options’.
  4. In the ‘Internet Options’ dialog box, click on ‘Advanced’ tab.
  5. On the ‘Advanced’ tab, under ‘Settings’ and under ‘Browsing’ section, click the box corresponding to ‘Use smooth scrolling’ to enable the option.
  6. Click on ‘Apply’ and then on OK.

Nancy, you may have to restart the Internet Explorer browser for the changes to take effect.

Now the scrolling of the pages in Internet Explorer 6 will be smooth.

Please visit the following link for more information about Smooth Scrolling:

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